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HONDA 2020 CBR250RR Upgrades in July | To Challenge ZX-25R

on March 25, 2020


In January of this year, we caught the 2020 CBR250RR with a 3ps increase in horsepower at a product presentation held by HONDA for dealers, including CBR250RR photos of the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

The red frame, the gold wheel frame, and the white body, the 2020 CBR250RR fairing is made up of three colors.


Although the details of the specifications have not been announced, the horsepower has indeed improved! Equipped with a new auxiliary slip clutch.

It is said that the horsepower of the CBR250RR is likely to exceed the Ninja ZX-25R equipped with a 250cc four-cylinder engine, and this car will be officially announced in Indonesia soon. It seems that HONDA is proud of the highest speed in the 250cc two-cylinder super sports car model, and a powerful killer was prepared at this time.

The CBR250RR has always advertised its maximum horsepower of 38ps as the highest in its class. Now, to meet the ZX-25R, the engine has been greatly improved. Although it has not yet been officially announced, according to relevant sources, the CBR250RR has replaced the piston and also adopted a sliding clutch.

According to “Young Machine" intelligence network, through these changes, the CBR250RR engine has increased the horsepower of 3ps successfully, and the maximum horsepower is increased to 41ps.

Besides, as previously reported, the electronic quick-displacement that can respond to upshifts and downshifts is listed as optional equipment, but the price of the electronic quick-displacement has not yet been determined.

The CBR250RR should only be available in the ABS version. The standard Japanese version is expected to sell for around 847,000 yen ($7615), while the three-color version is priced at around 880,000 yen ($7911).

The two cars photographed this time are the standard-color pearl bright white and champion red (also known as the three-color version), but the black version was also displayed at the product briefing. As for the listing date that everyone is most concerned about, it is expected that It is mid-July 2020 this year.

Grand Prix Red, Pearl White and Matt Black Metal.

The standard color version is available in Pearl White and Matte Black Metallic, and the price of the Grand Prix Red version will increase by 33,000 yen ($296). The pearl white version features red embellishment and gold wheel frames while taking into account both mature and offensive styles. Although the Grand Prix Red version also uses a gold wheel frame, its frame is silver.


▲ HONDA CBR250RR 2020 Grand Prix Red. It is estimated that the price in Japan will be around 880,000 yen ($7911). The estimated time to market is mid-July 2020.


▲ HONDA CBR250RR 2020 Pearl White. It is estimated that the price in Japan will be around 847,000 yen ($7615). The estimated time to market is mid-July 2020.


▲ HONDA CBR250RR 2020 Matte Black Metallic. The official name is unknown, the estimated price in Japan is around 847,000 yen ($7615), and the estimated time to market is mid-July 2020.

HONDA 2020 CBR250RR Style and Details


▲ There is no information about the size of the car body currently, this small revision is mainly based on the engine.


▲ The color matching design that uses different colors to embellish should be welcomed by car fans.


▲ In terms of engines, the only information available at present is the use of new pistons related to horsepower and the use of sliding clutches. The rest can only wait for official release.


▲ All painted versions have selected the golden wheel frame, and only the ABS version is available.


▲ The same picture of the golden wheel frame. The original tire is SPORTMAX GPR300, a radiating layer tire of DUNLOP.


▲ The shape of the tail section of the dual exhaust pipe has not changed. After the 2020 style is launched, let's compare the new and old models.


▲ Although this car is not equipped with an electronic quick release, HONDA will arrange electronic quick releases that can correspond to both upshifts and downshift as optional equipment (pricing is not announced). However, because it is different from the current type of wiring harness, etc., it is necessary to separately process the screws that cannot be locked directly.

Since the new version is only available in the ABS version, there is no option for the ABS-free system & equipped with electronic fast sorting. What a pity!


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